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Amsterdam bans fossil fuel ads and airplanes, a world first

Amsterdam wants to be at the forefront of the fight against global warming. The Dutch capital became on December 18 the first city in the world to entirely ban advertising related to the fossil industry (gas, oil, coal), as well as for air flights. A measure to be extended to the whole of the Netherlands.

The measure adopted by the City Council explains that “advertisements for fossil products, such as low cost air travel or directly for companies linked to the fossil industry, must be banned” because “Mzsterdam has clear ambitions in this area. reduction in the use of fossil fuels in order to be able to achieve the objectives of the Paris climate agreement ”.

“This is the start of a movement, since many members of the city councils of The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht have also indicated that they wish to explore with Amsterdam whether these harmful advertisements can also be banned in their cities”, is delighted Femke Sleegers, coordinator of the citizens’ initiative Reclame Fossielvrij (Fossil-free advertising).

Earlier this year, the transport company that manages Amsterdam’s buses had, following actions by environmental NGO Exctinction Rebellion, already banned the advertisements of the oil company Shell, considering that this did not correspond with its policy. sustainable development.

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