Someone in the cryptocurrency community posted a meme on Twitter comparing the way 30-year-olds now choose Dogecoin (DOGE) versus their parents of the same age investing in a home in the past. The meme must have pleased Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who responded with a laugh.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded with an emoji to the ironic meme about the difference between current 30-year-olds and their parents of the same age in the past investing in different things – Dogecoin and their own homes.

Earlier, U.Today offered a brief review of which assets millennials and millennials prefer, and which are turning to cryptocurrencies over real estate and other traditional assets.

Research Results

According to a study, “boomers” aren’t the only ones who prefer stocks and other traditional assets. But unlike them, millennials and millennials are more inclined to invest in new asset classes—cryptocurrencies and those based on them—that have emerged over the past decade. Investors from Generation Z and millennials have traditionally relied on stable assets, but around 40 percent of investors aged 18 to 40 own digital currencies.

These include 47 percent of Gen Z and 39 percent of Gen Y. They also use social media as a source of information to invest.

Overall, both groups prefer crypto and a mix of stocks and other traditional asset classes. Of these, about 40 percent invest in IT stocks, 42 percent in financial sector stocks, and 38 percent in the hi-tech/emerging technology sector. Almost all of the baby boomer generation, now approaching retirement, is investing in stocks and real estate.