Eric Adams, the top candidate for the 2021 New York mayoral election, made a pro-crypto statement.

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Adams used the following statements in his party speech:

“I promise you that in a year you will see a different city.

We will bring new businesses. We will make city life the center of science, the center of cybersecurity, the center of autonomous cars, the center of drones and Bitcoin.”

According to data from the New York Times, Adams aims to transform New York into a tech hub if he wins the mayoral race, which he currently leads with around 32% of the vote. Final results are expected to be announced in the second week of July.

According to New York Times data, Adams is now 75,000 votes ahead of his closest rival, Maya Wiley. Adams, a retired police officer, did not reveal how he plans to turn New York into the center of bitcoin.

Longtime Bitcoin advocate Andrew Yang withdrew from the New York mayoral race earlier this week as preliminary data showed poor results.