Our Bitcoin (BTC) prize draw of 3,000 TL, which will be held on the Coinkolik YouTube account, has started.

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With the draw to be made;

  • BTC worth 1,500 TL for 1 person,
  • BTC worth 1.000 TL for 1 person,
  • BTC worth 500 TL for 1 person,

will be gifted.

The following rules apply to the draw:

  1. It is accepted that the participants have read and approved these rules.
  2. Entries that do not comply with the rules will be deemed invalid.
  3. Participants must subscribe to the Coinkolik YouTube channel.
  4. Participants are required to comment on the drawing video.
  5. Participants are required to fill in the competition form. Only the data entered in the relevant form will be accepted.
  6. Participants can obtain an extra lottery right by following Coinkolik on other social media accounts.
  7. Last date of participation in the competition Saturday, July 10 day, at 12.00is . Entries after this date will not be accepted.
  8. At the end of the competition, the total prize amount, 3,000 Turkish Lira worth of BTC, will be distributed by drawing.
  9. For each prize, 1 main and 1 alternate winner will be determined.
  10. Winners will be contacted via their e-mail addresses.
  11. of the noble winners Saturday 17 July day, at 23:59They must return to receive their rewards by .
  12. In case the winners cannot meet the conditions or do not return, their rights will remain with the 3 participants who were withdrawn as a reserve.
  13. Participants must have a Bitcoin wallet account. The amount awarded under the award will be sent to their account in Bitcoin only.
  14. Draw results Saturday, July 10 The day will be determined by the video to be shot.
  15. The results of the draw will be shared on the Coinkolik YouTube account and will be announced via the Lottery video.