According to data provided by Cardano data collection platform Pooltool, Cardano (ADA) has added more than 50,000 new staking addresses in the last 3 weeks, increasing the total number of staking addresses by more than 8% in less than a month.

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ADA’s total number of stake wallets reached 608,391 out of 2,561 active pools at the beginning of June, another milestone for the platform; but now the platform has confirmed 658,965 stake addresses. Recently, the Proof-of-Stake blockchain platform has been at the forefront of many new developments, as Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson announced that the platform plans to publish a research paper on algorithmic stablecoins in the coming weeks.

Increasing Interest Around Cardano

Hoskinson’s announcement received a lot of attention, along with Cardano’s improvements in the community. Considering all this interest, it is possible to say that ADA has seen tremendous growth in 2021.

Cardano explained that it is investigating the viability of ‘Stablefees’, where the system tries to establish baseline pricing for transactions by pegging on a collection of currencies. According to Cardano, the inclusion of Stablefees aims to provide fair and predictable transaction pricing.

El Salvador Talks

On the other hand, while it’s too early to predict, according to its CEO, ADA has contacted officials and political parties in El Salvador, potentially having a meeting with Nayib Bukele on the horizon. Charles detailed:

“The country has certainly expressed their interest in going beyond digitizing and legalizing Bitcoin. So we will understand this better in the next 2-4 weeks.”

If these conversations and negotiations result in something more tangible and measurable, it will be a big deal for Cardano and its ecosystem.