Famous crypto analyst Lark Davis says that Ethereum (ETH) has the potential to explode in the coming years and therefore currently has a very low value.

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Davis compared Ethereum to PayPal, noting that while Ethereum is lower in market cap, it has already outstripped the payments giant.

“PayPal is one of the largest online payment providers in the world. So how does Ethereum rank ahead of it anyway?

Currently, PayPal has a market capitalization of $344 billion. So Ethereum is worth $100 billion less than the value of PayPal company. Now you might be thinking, ‘OK, that’s a pretty bad comparison. PayPal is a huge company. It does a lot more work than Ethereum.’

Well then, let’s examine the facts before us.”

Davis indicates that in 2020 PayPal surpassed $936 billion in total transaction volume. Compared to Ethereum, Davis says PayPal has been unable to keep up with Ethereum. According to the analyst, the largest altcoin processed $1.5 trillion in total on-chain transactions in the first quarter of 2021 alone.

“In the first quarter alone, Ethereum processed 50% more transactions than PayPal did in the whole of 2020. Unbelievable. It is not in vain that PayPal allows its customers to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum.

They can see where the future is going. That’s why PayPal has started allowing its customers to pay for things online using Bitcoin and Ethereum. A very smart move.”