Iranian authorities have authorized 30 facilities for cryptocurrency mining so far. Cryptocurrency mining facilities are spread across several regions, including Tehran. The government has also disclosed data on the facilities it has authorized to crack down on illegal miners in the country.

Most Facilities in Simnan

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Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce has licensed 30 cryptocurrency mining facilities. The Financial Tribune reported this week that one of these mining facilities is located in the country’s capital, Tehran, citing official figures published on the department’s website.

Simnan, the administrative district to the east of Tehran, was home to the largest number of licensed facilities, with six mining facilities. It was followed by Alborz with four facilities, followed by Mazandaran, East Azerbaijan and Zanjan.

Iran had recognized cryptocurrency mining as a legal activity two years ago. The government has introduced a licensing regime for organizations wishing to get involved in the industry. The report also revealed that 14 Bitcoin mining facilities were operating under such licenses last summer.

Iranian Miners Face the Tides

High cryptocurrency prices and low energy costs have made cryptocurrency mining an attractive business in Iran. But things have changed, and cryptocurrency mining has been blamed for this year’s power outages.

In May, authorities announced that they would unplug licensed cryptocurrency miners during peak power consumption hours. According to estimates, licensed mining facilities use around 300 megawatts of electricity every day.

Tehran has also hunted down illegal miners, accusing them of burning more than 2,000 megawatts a day. The country’s electricity deficit is 5,000 megawatts, according to the state-owned electricity utility Tazeir. Finally, Iran has decided to completely stop mining cryptocurrencies by September 22.

Within a year, Iranian law enforcement closed more than 180 cryptocurrency facilities in Tehran Province alone. In early June, authorities confiscated 3,000 units of mining hardware belonging to illegal businesses. Last week, Iranian police also confiscated 7,000 Bitcoin mining devices.