Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the founder of Grupo Salinas, the third richest person in Mexico with a net worth of $ 15.6 billion, said that his bank is working to accept Bitcoin. On the other hand, the billionaire criticized an angry Dogecoin investor by opposing the cryptocurrency tribe.

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In a recent tweet, the billionaire told an enraged Dogecoin owner, a popular slogan used by Bitcoin supporters to mock altcoins and shitcoins. “you will stay poor, good luck” gave the answer.

A well-known Bitcoin advocate, Pliego believes that the largest cryptocurrency should have a place in every investor’s portfolio. He revealed that 10% of his huge net worth in 2020 is in cryptocurrency.

The billionaire believes that Bitcoin is better than gold because of its portability and limited supply. As for Ethereum, he says he cannot trust cryptocurrencies without their limited supply.

Pliego’s Bank Examines BTC

The Mexican businessman, founder and chairman of Grupo Salinas, has been supporting the leading cryptocurrency for years. He made his first purchase at $8,000 and has recently urged every investor to consider buying at least a small portion of Bitcoin for their portfolio.

Speaking once again about the asset in a recent interview in Mexico, Pliego stated that having a limited supply of just 21 million units is a “high point”.

Additionally, the billionaire said that BTC has “international value that is traded with enormous liquidity on a global level,” so he emphasized his belief that it should be a part of every portfolio.

The billionaire also plans to reaffirm his presence in the cryptocurrency space. In addition to dedicating about 10% of his liquid portfolio to BTC, he said that his bank may soon start using BTC. If that happens, it will be a first in Mexico.

If I Have To Hold An Asset For 30 Years It Would Be Bitcoin

Ricardo Salinas Pliego said that while fiat currencies are all “scams”, if he had to choose an asset to hold for the next 30 years, it would be Bitcoin.

Salinas Pliego, the third richest man in Mexico, continues his support for Bitcoin, stating that his bank plans to start using BTC. Summing up the limited supply of the cryptocurrency as its most important value, he said that if he had to choose only one for the next three decades, Bitcoin would be the asset he would choose to invest in.