With 2021 being called the “Year of Crypto”, it’s the best time to join the world of cryptocurrencies and get new tokens. Even without technical knowledge, this opportunity can be taken advantage of.

“About the Student Coin Terminal”

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The Student Coin (STC) Terminal project is a blockchain tool that will be available in Q3 in late 2021. Student Coin (STC) is seen as an innovation at TEDxWarsaw and over 500 universities worldwide. A group of students will bring a new perspective to Blockchain technology. Also, this tool will remove all the complexity associated with cryptocurrencies as it makes it possible to create tokens without technology knowledge.

DeFi includes many types of customizable tokens such as NFTs and even Start-ups.

“A quick look at the process”

To create your own token, you need to follow five simple steps. First you need to select the token type, then define the main details (name, symbol, total supply, etc.). After that, decide what its main program will be, write down the KYC details and click “Apply”.

Benefits of STC Terminal”

Besides making token creation easy, STC Terminal also solves major financial problems such as student loans or startup investments.

On this platform, users will have the opportunity to post crowdfunding offers and receive the funds they need in exchange for their own tokens. The rest of the money is paid back to the investors after making a profit.

“STC Token – The key to the terminal”

All tokens created with the terminal are based on the STC Token, the key cryptocurrency on the platform. Otherwise, the value of the tokens will be compromised.

You can buy STC Token directly from the Student Coin website or exchanges like Uniswap or KuCoin.