Soros Fund Management, the family business of famous billionaire George Soros, gave the green light to Bitcoin (BTC) trading.

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Dawn FitzPatrick, chief investment officer at Soros Fund Management, said in March that crypto was “at an inflection point.”

This comment by Fitzpatrick was touted as a forward-thinking comment. According to the source of the news, Fitzpatrick, the CIO of Soros Fund Management, gave the green light to Bitcoin trading with his recent decision. It is stated that other cryptocurrencies can also be traded.

Soros used the term “bubble” for Bitcoin in January 2018. But one of Soros’ most audacious investment principles is to put money in bubbles in the early stages.

“When I see a bubble forming, I rush to buy it by adding fuel to the fire”

Soros invested his money in gold as gold rose significantly in 2010 and debuted before falling.