A survey by Investing.com reveals that nearly two-thirds of U.S. investors think Elon Musk has a major influence on financial markets.

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63% of respondents say Elon Musk is the most influential person in the financial markets. While half of the investors said they would support policies aimed at eliminating the influence of individuals like Musk, some investors stated that they sold Bitcoin after Musk tweeted negatively about energy use.

In a June survey of 1,103 people conducted online by Investing.com, 63% of respondents said the Tesla CEO is the most influential person when it comes to financial markets. However, 52% of investors said they support policies that will reduce the power of big names like Musk when it comes to manipulating financial markets.

Recently, Musk has had a notable influence on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While it’s hard to pinpoint the reasons behind this, Bitcoin usually moves every time Elon Musk tweets about it.

The survey also shows that the billionaire’s tweets about Bitcoin’s environmental impact prompted investors to sell their holdings. 38% of investors surveyed said they were not worried about Bitcoin’s environmental impact until Elon Musk tweeted about it. 30% of Bitcoin investors sold Bitcoin last month, and 20% attributed their sales to Musk’s environmental concerns. However, 84% disagreed with the statement that the future of Bitcoin depends on Musk.

Investors also seem largely divided on how seriously they will take Musk’s tweets. In the question where respondents could choose more than one answer, 33% of them responded to their crypto tweets. “disturbing”, % 27’si “funny” and 22% of “unfair” while 28% of them describe it as “indifferent” said they were.