Visa continues to expand its crypto team. According to the statement, five more people were added to the staff.

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Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s head of cryptocurrency, made a statement on Twitter and shared the details.

The company added two new team members to its crypto team this month. Catherine Carle will focus on crypto’s social impact and community partnerships.

Another newcomer was Chike Ukaegbu, the founder of New York-based technology accelerator Startup52. Ukaegbu will serve as head of crypto strategy.

Sheffield shared his thoughts on the subject.

“I am incredibly happy to be working with such a great team and to have the opportunity to leverage the power of Visa on Bitcoin, stablecoins, NFTs and DeFi”

Visa changed the units of 3 people currently working within the company and included them in the crypto money team.

Former senior director Anuj Bathla, focused on product commercialization and go-to-market (GMT) within the company, became the crypto GTM leader. Bathla will focus on Visa card transactions with the company’s cryptocurrency exchanges.

The second person to join the team is product manager Daniel Mottice. Mottice will also work on the use of stablecoins for cross-border payments.

The third name to join the crypto team was Alex Chiang. Chiang will operate to increase the adoption of NFTs in e-commerce and help customers take advantage of DeFi protocols.

Sheffield highlighted that there are also job opportunities for the company’s product management, business development and engineering roles, adding that the crypto team could be expanded further.