British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak shared his views on the use and potential of digital assets in the UK. The minister said that introducing secure support for cryptocurrencies and stablecoins requires pioneering reforms.

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According to the Chancellor, due to the Brexit discussions between the European Union and Great Britain, this will force the UK to take independent steps in the development of crypto assets.

The Chancellor noted that the UK will continue to move forward, and that they are also ready to tackle global financial challenges in the interests of state policy.

Sunak highlighted the positive aspects of the EU’s rejection of Brexit negotiations. In this way, he stated that the country can take new decisions to make things easier.

Minister Believes in the Power of Technology

In his speech, Sunak also touched on digital currencies and the Bank of England. He said that reforms are constantly being considered to promote cryptocurrencies and he believes in the power of technology.

In parallel, the chancellor said that the government and the Bank of England must also manage the impact of new trends in the British economy and society as a whole.

The minister noted that the government is protecting access to cash and new laws are being considered to facilitate financial transactions for UK citizens.