Gary Lachance, known as the Dogecoin millionaire and also the founder of the Decentralized Dance Party (DDP), will launch a blockchain-based game on Saturday that rewards players with nfts and Dogecoin. The beta version of Million Doge Disco combines elements of augmented reality (AR) games such as Pokemon Go and DDP to allow people to live in the real world. “Dogeagotchi” It will allow him to meet and dance with digital characters called digital characters who also live on a blockchain as an NFT.

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Lachance plans to distribute more than 1 million DOGE (worth approximately $260,000) to create in-game giveaways and assist fund development. When Lachance does this, he will no longer be a millionaire:

“It’s like the majority of my DOGE… I won’t be a millionaire when I give this away.”

Part of Lachance’s motivation for Doge Disco is to “revive the gift-giving culture”. He hopes players can be inspired to fund giveaways when their stash runs out. Another aim, according to the project’s website, is to create an above reality “party layer” build, “allowing everyone to step instantly into a living parallel dimension with sound, light and positive vibrations everywhere”.

The game is built on the blockchain and AR development platform BLOCKv, with connections to the Ethereum layer 2 solution Polygon and the Dogecoin blockchain. Lachance notes that in-game DOGE is tokenized, but players can’t get real money from an escrow “with one click” He says they can get it.

Dogecoin has been one of the cryptocurrencies that had a remarkable year. in 2013 “as ridiculous as possible” Cryptocurrency created to become one of the most recognized and notable assets in the industry, with a market capitalization of $32 billion and a loyal fan base. Lachance was one of the first supporters of Dogecoin:

“Finally there’s a funny, silly version of Bitcoin that sounds like a good thing.”