IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener announced their project named “Artagan” yesterday. Expressing that Artagan means “abundance and abundance” in pure Turkish, Akşener said, “Turkey’s recipe for enrichment, Artagan, is a new ecosystem based on a cashless society, a fair and lossless ecosystem. Artagan is the name of the Revenue Administration in the 21st century.”

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Akşener explained the details of the “Artagan Project”, which plans to realize digital transformation in the economy. The Chairman of the IYI Party stated that with the project, the banking system will turn into institutions that will ignite growth, loan interest rates will decrease and production will increase. Aksener said:

“Turkey’s recipe for enrichment Artagan is a new ecosystem based on a cashless society, a fair and lossless ecosystem. Artagan is the 21st century name for the Revenue Administration. Artagan is an autonomous financial auditing network that ensures all financial recording and auditing is done through artificial intelligence. Artagan is located on a sheltered campus with thousands of software and tax professionals. Under the campus, there is a server field that compiles all the money traffic in our country.”

How Will Artagan Work?

With the project, there will be a data sharing network to be established between financial institutions and Artagan. With this network, the data of credit card transactions, money transfers, foreign exchange transactions, securities investment movements, foreign money transfers, check-promissory notes will reach Artagan and be recorded with a closed-circuit blockchain. Artagan will create instant financial statements of 83 million people and millions of businesses with this data. Aksener said:

“After Artagan comes to life, everyone will pay fair taxes on their income. However, in order for Artagan to be able to provide these, all money movements must take place in the digital environment. For this reason, the first stage of Artagan will be to prepare for the cashless society process by moving all money flows in Turkey to digital systems. When we receive the authority from our nation, we will quickly implement these preparations with simultaneous steps.”

Smart Contract Emphasis

According to Akşener’s statements, all expenditures in the ecosystem that will be formed after Artagan comes to life will be recorded. All money transfers such as peddlers, grocery shopping, parking, buses, minibuses, taxis, macro expenditures such as housing, automobile purchases, lending, pocket money, service payments, gold, silver, foreign currency, stocks, crypto money. As such, trading of investment instruments will be transferred to the digital environment.

Akşener also stated that valuable papers used for future payments such as checks and promissory notes will turn into smart contracts.