A popular cryptocurrency analyst, trader and whale informed other traders. The popular name stated that there is still time to save in the DeFi industry.

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The pseudonymous trader, known in the industry as Crypto Messiah, says in a new interview with Hxro Labs that it may take some time before the next leg of the cryptocurrency bull run begins:

“I definitely think people are over-excited, it’s too early. If we’re going to rally again, historically it’s a double bubble, then I think it’s months away before it starts rising again.”

However, Crypto Messiah thinks that assets in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector of cryptocurrency markets are currently priced at a severe discount.

“I think DeFi is on a big sale… One of the interesting things about DeFi is that DeFi can work when other things are not. to DeFi summer [geçen yıl] If you look at it, DeFi was pretty much self-powered. Altcoins did not work with DeFi. Or at least DeFi at the beginning of the post. I remember altcoins went like 2x. Then DeFi came onto the scene and DeFi, DeFi, DeFi everywhere.”

The analyst cites Aave (AAVE) as one of the top projects in the DeFi space. He says investors will likely have plenty of time to accumulate DeFi holdings before the market rebounds.

“If it’s in the accumulation range, you’ll have time to buy it. If not, I doubt it’s just bearish and we could be back to all time highs They will need to verify that the bottom is somehow inside. You can do this a few different ways. You can put in some kind of bottom formation or you can create some kind of accumulation range.”