The VeChain Foundation and DNV Assurance have partnered with the Republic of San Marino to issue digital COVID-19 vaccine certificates. Approved by law on June 16, this solution will provide citizens with a digital certificate “in line with European Union standards”.

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Certificates will be issued via Enterprise Non-Fungible Tokens (eNFTs), a type of digital asset based on the VeChainThor blockchain. eNFTs are designed for use in everyday life, leveraging blockchain technology to enable companies to design products as a package of physical products and enable digital products.

The San Marino Digital COVID-19 Certificate will cover vaccination against coronavirus and information such as whether a person has been infected in the past or has tested negative for the disease. According to the VeChain Foundation, each certificate will be valid for 1 week and 15 days after the first dose of vaccine.

If a person has received the second dose of the vaccine, the certificate will be valid for 9 months. Local authorities will issue the certificate on paper or in digital format according to users’ requests. Lorenzo Spadoni, Head of Innovation in San Marino, said:

“The San Marino Digital COVID-19 Certification is an important tool that aligns the country with the technological standards used by the European Union, guaranteeing interoperability and also adding a “universal” certification method based on blockchain technology.”

How VeChain Based San Marino Certificate Will Work

VeChain Foundation said that the certificate will work with two QR codes. As Spadoni points out, this is a system created to comply with international standards approved by the EU. This code can only be verified by member state institutions.

The second QR code can be verified by anyone. To go through this process, a person must have access to a website application. “any device” will be able to verify the certificate by scanning the code with The VeChain Foundation added:

“This NFT, aka VeChainThor, will be enabled by being registered on the public blockchain and linked to a unique and non-repeatable digital authenticity certificate that guarantees immutability and accessibility.”

As part of the infrastructure supporting this initiative, the partners set up a national information system. Thus, the system supports regulation, verification and enables citizens to access information directly from national electronic health records. VeChain CEO Sunny Lu said:

“Digital COVID-19 Certification is an excellent example of corporate NFT and a new solution to help the government gain ground in the fight against COVID-19.”

The announcement was greeted with interest by the VeChain Foundation and the VeChain community. One of the members of this partnership “Biggest mainstream adoption of blockchain in recent history” described as. The user highlighted its importance in terms of adoption and the potential of VeChainThor to host scalable and useful applications.