Bitcoin (BTC) advocate Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis has invited Bitcoin miners to the state of Wyoming.

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Speaking to CNBC, Lummis stated that about 40% of Bitcoin mining can be used compared to traditional mining methods that only use 12% of renewable energy sources.

The Senator described Bitcoin as a great invention that has spurred many innovations and should be embraced. He also supported El Salvador, which legalized Bitcoin. Lummis says that now US citizens can more easily send money to relatives in El Salvador.

Lummis joins other pro-crypto lawmakers like Texas governor Greg Abbott and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez who openly support the idea of ​​making payments using Bitcoin. He also believes that the benefits of mining outweigh the potential risks and could be a solution to the dangers of traditional mining.

The Senator’s Wyoming call to miners is in line with the international community’s agreement with countries to adopt the use of renewable energy sources to curb the rising global warming index.

After China banned Bitcoin mining and trading, the US experienced what has been termed the “great mining exodus” as Chinese miners tried to set up their businesses in various US states such as Texas. It will be revealed in the coming days whether Lummis’s call will find a response among the miners.