A tweet by Charles Hoskinson last year reignited the “ghost chain” debate.

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Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, took several tweets to respond to critics who attacked a tweet he posted in July 2020. Hoskinson claimed in this tweet last year that there will be hundreds of assets, thousands of dApps and tons of interesting projects on the Proof of stake blockchain.

Now, Ethereum holders and other Cardano skeptics are stating that with just two weeks left to hit the ambitious goals, none of that actually happened. However, Hoskinson points out that there are already “thousands” of entities on Cardano.

The proof-of-stake blockchain also added native tokens in March after the much anticipated Mary hard fork was released.

While there are indeed 6,859 assets on the Cardano blockchain, only two of them log more than 10,000 transactions per month (spacecoin and ADAX). The “Ethereum killer” is set to fully launch its smart contract capabilities in early September, which will allow it to host a wide variety of decentralized applications.