According to a report shared by Tasnim News Agency, Iran’s Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri urged all licensed miners to cease their activities as the country continues to experience power outages. This outage still continues.

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According to the report, Jahangiri said the ongoing electricity supply problems could last until early August and the government is working to ensure that electricity in key areas does not go out. Jahangiri’s message is in line with President Hassan Rouhani’s earlier announcement regarding the temporary suspension of mining. In May, the President announced the suspension of crypto mining, which will continue until September 22. The ban was implemented due to power outages.

Some Iranians have taken to the streets in several cities, including Tehran, to protest the ongoing power cuts for the past few months, Iran News Wire reported. Bloomberg reports that the government attributes the problem to the drought and the crypto mining industry. Iranian police confiscated 7,000 cryptocurrency mining machines from an abandoned factory in western Tehran last month, according to a report by the state-owned news agency IRNA.

Electricity Exports Also Stopped in Iran

Abuzer Salihi, General Manager of Iranian electricity distribution company Tevanir, said, “We have reduced electricity exports to zero so that there is no problem in electricity supply in the country, since electricity consumption in the country is more than the amount produced.”

Tevanir also announced that the daily electricity production across the country is 54 thousand megawatts, but the consumption has increased to 65,000 megawatts due to the summer heat.