Chosen as the “World’s Best Digital Bank” in 2019, Akbank has been experiencing problems for the past few days. Expressing that they are not connected to Akbank’s application, the citizen is wondering when the system will be fixed. This situation has also affected crypto money investors badly. Unfortunately, transactions such as deposits and withdrawals are not possible at the moment.

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Akbank, one of Turkey’s leading banks, is experiencing a problem in its system. While customers are having difficulty accessing the banks’ systems, Akbank wonders if the mobile system has crashed. Users voiced these problems on both Twitter and Ekşisözlük. While some customers could not enter the application completely, others stated that the network was very slow when sending money, and transactions that normally occur quickly became very slow.

Altuğ Öztürk, one of the important names in the crypto money world, also stated that Akbank has been offline for 2 days.

Many crypto money investors think that cryptocurrencies will solve such problems and make comments in this direction.

Although Akbank denies the allegations of cyber attacks, there are many people who think that this issue may be true. Akbank also announced that it postponed the statement payments for one day.