Ripple’s Director of Developer Relations Matt Hamilton argued that XRP is basically the same as Bitcoin (BTC).

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In a discussion on Twitter, Hamilton stated that XRP is a decentralized cryptocurrency and is similar to Bitcoin in this respect.

“Ripple is decentralized just like Bitcoin. XRP developers realized that Bitcoin was not scalable and created XRP with the aim of creating a better Bitcoin. So the use case is basically the same as Bitcoin. The purpose of both is to make payments between the parties without the need for a third party.

Hamilton also pointed out that there are about 150 validators on the cryptocurrency blockchain (XRP Ledger) and that transactions on it have a public structure, just like the Bitcoin blockchain. In another tweet, Hamilton said that XRP is not controlled by the company and that XRP Ledger is “the first DEX”. [merkezi olmayan borsa]He argued that the XRP Ledger is “the first truly “DeFi” application.

In addition, the Ripple administrator shared data showing that XRP Ledger nodes are deployed worldwide, in an effort to dispel rumors that Ripple operates most of the network’s nodes. However, it is an undeniable fact that Ripple focuses on promoting and developing XRP.