Zero Contact, starring Anthony Hopkins, will be among the first films to be released as NFT.

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According to the news of Deadline, the NFT of the movie starring Anthony Hopkins will be distributed.

Zero Contact will also star Veronica Ferres, Aleks Paunovic, Lilly Krug, TJ Kayama and Martin Sternmark, alongside Anthony Hopkins.

The film will focus on “five characters who are simply bound together by their devotion to tech giant Finley Hart (Hopkins). The characters will have to work together to shut down Finley Hart’s secret invention.

Hopkins is best known for his roles in “The Silence Of The Lambs” and “The Elephant Man.” The famous actor has also recently appeared in the movies “The Two Popes”, “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Transformers: The Last Knight”.

“Zero Contact” will be released in early August.

Zero Contact’s NFT will be deployed via the Vuele platform. According to Rick Dugdale of Enderby Entertainment, the producer of the film, this could also prevent piracy activities.