MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor published an article featuring the project where Microsoft uses Bitcoin (BTC) to help people protect their digital identities.

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With this project, Microsoft is contributing to the ION project, which wants to create Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). These identifiers will be the ports for all the activities a person does on the Internet.

This technology will give people the right to protect and own their privacy online from government surveillance, security breaches and data leaks, preventing internet giants from controlling user profiles, identity information and personal and financial data on the internet.

Just as the purpose of Bitcoin is to remove the central authority’s control over money, ION tries to protect people’s digital identities with the same logic.

The Bitcoin blockchain is used here to provide a high level of decentralization and security to spawn DIDs.

According to the whitepaper shared by Microsoft, the company believes that people should use a secure cloud space for storage instead of sharing their digital data with too many applications.

The company plans to build all of this on the Bitcoin blockchain.