Binance Smart Cg unique addresses hit an all-time high of 83,152 million
However, the number of daily transactions on Binance Smart Chain has dropped 66.38% since its peak in mid-May.

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The total value locked in Binance Smart Chain is currently at $25.933 billion, down 51.4% since its peak value of $57,374 billion in mid-May. The drop in daily transactions and the locked total value coincide with BNB’s struggles in the crypto markets despite a pending crypto burn.

The number of unique addresses on Binance Smart Chain has reached a new peak of 83,152 million. The growth of new unique addresses is impressive considering the fact that Binance Smart Chain was launched less than 10 months ago, in September 2020. The table below further highlights the impressive growth of unique addresses on the network, courtesy of

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From the chart above, it can be observed that the number of unique addresses on Binance Smart Chain entered a plateau stage that started around the second half of June. The plateau of new addresses created appears to be associated with a 66.38% drop in daily transactions on the network since its peak of 11,838 million in mid-May.