The Ethereum (ETH) fund of SkyBridge Capital, the company of popular fund manager Anthony Scaramucci, officially started with a single person investment of $ 5.7 million in its first week.

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Ethereum fund is a leading altcoin-exclusive fund offered by the investment firm of Anthony Scaramucci. The first cryptocurrency to be offered was for Bitcoin. The BTC fund has received a total investment of 46.7 million dollars from 170 investors to date. Scaramucci previewed the fund’s existence in a recent podcast by The Block, but declined to give details at the time.

The fund, named First Trust SkyBridge Ethereum Fund LP, shows that SkyBridge has deepened its relationship with First Trust, the partner firm in a Bitcoin-traded fundraising offering. The ETH fund receives a minimum investment of $25,000 and made its first and only sale on July 1.

Private funds allow wealthy investors to access cryptocurrency price movements without having to think about issues like custody, settlement, and trading. It’s unclear who the sole investor was, but he produced similar vehicles with the cash of the Scaramucci firm. The company has not yet commented on the investment.